The 5 Manila dishes I’ve been craving for

I personally think that the Manila food scene is really exciting and so far ahead of the game compared to a lot of cities around the world. It also isn’t too expensive to enjoy a really good meal back home. I’ve been getting homesick the past few months, mainly because of the cold weather, but also because I miss the amazing and tasty food (food here is a lot healthier but pretty bland). Here are some dishes that I’ve been dreaming about:

1. Manam’s Sinigang na Beef Short Rib and Watermelon. This sounds funky but it’s seriously the best sinigang I’ve ever tasted. Melt in your mouth beef, paired with a sour sweet broth that I just can’t get enough of – I can’t wait to have this again.


2. Gloria Maris’ shabu shabu. The satay soup and the seafood hit the hot pot spot every time. Even though I lived in Singapore for a year (aka hot pot central), I still crave Gloria Maris.


3. Hong Kong Chef Seafood Restaurant’s crab and tempuraIf you know your dampa, you definitely know about Hong Kong Chef. My favourites are the crab bee hoon, salted egg yolk crab and shrimp tempura. I’m usually the last one left eating on the table whenever I’m here.


4. Hey Handsome’s steamed seabass (and all their other dishes, really) packs so much flavour in one dish. Every bite is an experience. Along with their awesome drinks, dessert and overall vibe, Hey Handsome is hands down one of my favourite places to eat in Manila.


5. Kikufuji’s spicy shake maki and special california maki. Authentic and affordable Japanese food is hard to find (if not non-existent) in London. Honestly, everything I’ve ever eaten at Kikufuji is good. The seafood is incredibly fresh and the prices can’t be beat. I never missed a couple of weeks without eating here back when we were living in the area.


Where do you love to eat in Manila? What dishes do you crave for when you’re away? I’d love to hear!

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