Hong Kong photos

A couple of girlfriends and I went to Hong Kong for a relaxed, (super) intimate bachelorette send-off for my gorgeous friend Rachelle. It was a weekend of eating, checking out small shops, eating, gabbing and eating. Did I mention we ate? Here are some photos from our trip.
We stayed at Hotel Jen in Kennedy Town, away from the busier, tourist-filled areas of the island. K-Town has lots of concept restaurants and brunch places popping up, all amidst a neighborhood dominated by HKU students and local shops and businesses.
The sandwiches at Sunday’s Grocery are so good, I gobbled them up before taking photos. The chicken schnitzel and market chips were superb and I can’t wait to go back to try their best sellers, the Katsu Sando and fried chicken.


We loved exploring the small shops in and around the Gough Street neighborhood in Sheung Wan.



Spent hours at PMQ along Aberdeen Street. PMQ was built in the 50’s as the Police Married Headquarters. In 2010 the Hong Kong government announced its plans to preserve it for creative industries. It now houses countless stores showcasing local wares and centered around design and innovation. It has lots of cute eating places and some big brand names as well.


Lunch at Sun Hing where we ate to-die-for salted egg custard buns. All the other dimsum dishes were superb too (Hakaw! Asado buns! Sweet and sour pork!). Super cheap and worth it if you don’t mind talking to the servers in sign language/broken Chinese (no one speaks english and they don’t have a menu) and eating beside shirtless locals.



Elephant Grounds at Gough Street where we had…


… the deadliest and yummiest ice cream sandwich which they only offer during weekends. They only serve one new flavor a week. We had a charcoal waffle condensed milk ice cream sandwich.


Didn’t want to battle the crowds at Yung Kee so we tried Yat Lok which was a street away and some locals swear that it’s even better than YK’s. I agree. Plus, it’s cheaper!


I can never visit Hong Kong without having a bowl (or two) of Mak’s Noodles.


While waiting (an hour!) for a table in Ho Lee Fook.
Thank goodness the wagyu short ribs didn’t disappoint! The duck and fried rice were amazing too.



Caught up with Annelle, a former officemate and good friend at Chino, a Mexican-Japanese fusion restaurant in Kennedy Town. Thanks for all the food recommendations, Annelle!


My favorite were the lobster and the uni/scallop tostadas.


The Night Wolf (Italian low fat soft gelato twisted with 66% dark chocolate served with buttery crumbles, caramelized banana ice crea, passion fruit panna cotta, brownie and chocolate chips eggettes and crunchy flakes. Phew!) at Oddies Foodies.



Brunching at Catch On Catchick, another K-Town find.


 Everyone orders the Big Bad Ben and French Toast.


Le Labo on Star Street. Love this neighborhood near Wan Chai.



Star Street district.

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