Shop Hop: Strangelets

Our tour of Yong Siak Street continues with Strangelets, a cute little design shop with items for the home, men’s and ladies’ accessories and toys for children young and old. Everything about this place draws me in every time, from the wonderful scent of a burning Astier de Villate candle, to the amazing displays on the window. I love good design and this store is definitely all about that.
Amazing merchandise display
Look at those lights!
Wooden toys! I want to buy all of them!
Chinese wooden blocks. Would totally come in handy while kids are learning Mandarin.
My favourite candles! Currently halfway through the Alger scent and I don’t ever want it to run out. Stumbled into the Astier de Villette store in Rue Saint Honore and I’m pleased to report that the prices in SG are practically the same as in Paris! (Found the same candles in Homme et Femme in Manila and they double the prices!)
Heavenly ceramics from Astier de Villette. All made by hand from black terracotta clay with white glaze, they are extremely hard to make as they’re so thin and can easily break while in the production process. Each piece is unique and has so much character! One day my cupboard will look like this!
Can’t get enough of these scented soaps! Saipua soaps are olive oil based soaps made in Brooklyn NY by a family-owned business.
Triumph and Disaster is a men’s skincare brand from New Zealand with amazing packaging. I can almost smell musky aftershave by just looking at their products.
There are soooo much more things in the store I wanted to take photos of but there just wasn’t enough time! There will definitely be a part 2.

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